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Pictures from Lebanon

Baalbeck, Temple of Jupitor Columns Lebanon

Baalbeck, Temple of Jupitor Columns Lebanon.

forest in Kamouha

Cilician fir (Abies Cilicica) forest in Kamouha mountain in north Lebanon.

souk Jbeil

In the old Jbeil souk. Musical Instruments waiting to be played. Byblos - Lebanon 2004.

Roaucheh Rock at Beirut

Roaucheh Rock at Beirut.

Baaklin Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Baaklin - ElChouf - Lebanon

Beit Eddine Palace

Beit Eddine Palace - ElChouf - Lebanon


The old port of Jbeil. Byblos - Lebanon

Nadine Njeim, Miss Lebanon

Miss Lebanon 2004 Nadine Njeim elected June 18,2004 at LBC Adma, North Beirut.

Corniche El-Manara

Avenue Gen. Charles de Gaulle (Corniche El-Manara), Beirut, Lebanon.

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