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Flag of Italy
Italy - إيطاليا

The Italian air force flew hundreds of sorties against Iraq during the Gulf war. Like much of Mediterranean Europe, Italy depends heavily on Persian Gulf oil and paid higher prices for oil for several years afterward when first Iraqi oil and then Kuwait's war-ravaged production disappeared from the market.
    The Italians also share with France an interest in seeing U.N. sanctions eventually lifted from Iraq so that old debts can be cleared. Italian oil and engineering firms were well-represented in pre-war Iraq. But in mid-February, Italy agree to allow U.S. and British forces to use its air bases for refueling en route to the Gulf if hostilities occur.

Italy involvement in Gulf War 91:
three frigates, one supply ship and two corvettes. four mine sweepers to the Red Sea and eight-plane fighter squadron (265 personnel) to U.A.E.

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