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On January 24, 1990: Germany expels 28 Iraqi diplomats and government officials, in action said to prevent the diplomats from ordering "terrorist acts". The diplomats were employed at the Iraqi embassy in Bonn and at Iraq's mission in Berlin, the German Foreign ministry said.

January 30, 1990: Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl tells parliament that Germany must stand unwaveringly behind the anti-Iraq coalition and Israel and help pay for their defense, even if it could not send troops to the gulf. Germany offers Israel a 500-million-dollar defense package that includes medicines and medical equipment, Patriot missiles, gear to counter poison gas and financial help in building two submarines in German shipyards.

Germany and Japan provided about $16 billion to the cost of Desert Storm.

Germany involvement in Gulf War 91:
five mine sweepers, one support ship and one ammunition ship, Jagdbombergeschwader 43 consisting of 18 Alpha-Jets and 212 soldiers stationed in Erhac/Turkey during the gulf war. 

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