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The Egyptian government was a prominent member of the original Gulf war coalition. It not only sent troops but worked behind the scenes to convince other Arab governments to oppose Iraq.
    Since the war ended, Cairo's enthusiasm for the U.N. confrontation with Iraq has cooled. Egyptians working in Iraq once sent millions of dollars a year home to relatives. That money has largely dried up.
In the current dispute, the government is taking a careful approach. It is aware that Egyptian public opinion is inflamed every time the West strikes at Iraq. The Arab League, which meets in Cairo, said it was against a military solution and asked that Baghdad's past cooperation with the United Nations be taken into account.

Egypt involvement in Gulf War 91:
40,000 ground troops, including two armored divisions and 5,000 paratroopers. 500 troops were sent to United Arab Emirates. 300 M-60 tanks were sent to Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The Arab Republic of Egypt