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Flag of Australia
Australia - أستراليا

Australian Involvement in Gulf War 91:
HMAS SYDNEY FFG03 Guided Missile Frigate
HMAS BRISBANE DDG 41 Guided Missle Destroyer
HMAS SUCCESS OR 304 Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment
HMAS WESTRALIA Ao-195 Underway Replenishment Ship

Clearance Diving Team 3
Australian Army-Air Defence Detachment served aboard the Success and there were Linguist that served aboard the various ships.
The Army has a Medical Team, that served aboard the US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort.
9 Australian Army personnel served with the British Army during Desert Strorm.
The Royal Australian Air Force had a very low profile role,it was mainly a support role for the Navy. Some did serve on the USS Comfort with the medical teams and other's else where.


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